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When Should You Register

So, you just got engaged! First of all, we are here to offer the biggest congratulations and best wishes! Any married couple will tell you to soak up all the fun on that first night of engagement because after that all the planning and questions come in like a flood. There is a loose “ideal timeline” when it comes to wedding planning, and that includes your registry. In general etiquette guidelines, most wedding professionals agree that you should be registered four to six months before your wedding. 

Start Early If You’re Having an Engagement Party

Your friends and family will be so excited to celebrate with you that they will get straight to planning all the pre-wedding festivities right away! Without registering before these events, you may end up with a ton of gifts you don’t need or want. 

The Must-Register Deadline

Many engagement parties are “no-gift” events, just to simply eat, drink, and be merry! Getting your registry nailed down before these events isn’t a must, but the bridal shower is. This not only makes finding the right gift easier for your guests, but you receive gift you love and need!

Registry Do’s and Don’t

Don’t include your registries on your invitation. A great place for this information is your shower invitation or save the date. Reduce clutter on these cards by creating a wedding website, and simply include the link on the back. 

Don’t go overboard, but do include enough stuff! This one is tricky. How much is too much? How much is not enough? Think about how many people are invited to the showers, parties, and ceremony. Also, be sure to include a range on prices as to not inconvenience your guests. 

Do keep the “whole calendar” in mind. Maybe you got engaged in March. Thanksgiving & Christmas aren’t on your radar in the spring, but keep special holidays in mind. You’re going to want a platter for your first Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas mugs for Christmas morning, and champagne glasses for New Year’s Eve.

Do write your thank you notes right away! Not only does this make it easier for you to keep the notes from piling up, but it’s also best to acknowledge the gift as soon as possible. However, etiquette gives you three months after the wedding date.


Register with Us!!!

We love the opportunity to be among the first to say “Congratulations” with a gift from us on the day you open your registry. A Waterford Crystal ring holder for your engagement ring and a $100.00 in-store credit await you upon your registry appointment. Call our store to schedule your personal registry appointment. 


Other perks you receive when you register with Gaines

Free Gift Wrap. Your guests will receive free gift wrapping with handmade bows made by Miss Rosalie for 65 years. Brides love to use our beautiful bows as their bridal bouquet for their wedding rehearsal.

Free local delivery. Our staff is available to deliver your gifts to your home or shower location for your guests.

Registry Link. A personal registry link to our online registry site.

Gift List. A post-wedding list of purchasers and gifts to make your thank-you note process easier.

Special Discounts. 20% off your wedding bands from Gaines.

Bridal Party Discount. As an exclusive registered bride, you will enjoy a 20% discount on wedding party and hostess gifts.

Completion Discount. Take advantage of a one-time 20% discount to purchase any remaining items on your registry for up to a year after your wedding.


Call us to start your registry today!